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Jul 29, 2022

ENTERTAINING SHORT FILMS is a new category on the RPA Network, which features indie short films for your enjoyment! We applaud these creators!

A father discovers his children are grieving their mother's death in their own terrifying way, after having met a mysterious entity in the woods!

A Black Mountain Visuals Production.

CAST: Russell Shealy Ava Torres Wyatt Cary Allison GiamBruno Kurtis Martin

DIRECTOR: Cameron Gallagher

WRITER: Jeremiah Lewis

PRODUCERS: Zack Porlier Cameron Gallagher Jeremiah Lewis

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Paul Grammatico Kurtis Martin Linda Porlier David Dammerman Cameron Gallagher

ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS: Evan Elliot Michael Dutzer Alexandra Aulisi


GAFFER: Michael Fisher



MIXER & SOUND DESIGNER: Michelle Kerzner

COMPOSER: Kyle McCuiston

COSTUME DESIGNER: Summer Moore Rose Costumes

MAKEUP ARTIST: Breeanna Nichols



GRIP: Tyler Field John Gallagher

EDITOR: Cameron Gallagher

COLORIST: Nicholas Lareau

VFX ARTIST: Zack Porlier S

ET DECORATOR: Ann Kielbasa

SPECIAL THANKS: Ashlea Torres The Mansion Inn, Saratoga Springs Christy Alexander of WorkSmart,Glens Falls Queensbury Hotel, Glens Falls Sarah Bowman of Nola Slates