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Nov 19, 2021

ENTERTAINING SHORT FILMS is a new category on the RPA Network, which features indie short films for your enjoyment! We applaud these creators!


MOBILE TASK FORCE: ALPHA-ONE, Detachment Zero "PHANTOM STATE": MTF Alpha-One, Detachment Zero (Initially titled 'Force Recon Applications Group', or 'FRAG' during preliminary trials) specializes in any militarized operations that require the foundation to break international law, or use force to directly interfere in politics. This specialization subsequently puts members into a number of operations, most commonly, they are used for breaking into restricted areas of extreme security with no hope of any QRF to support them. They are also frequently used to harm or dissolve a government that is vehemently opposed to the foundation's interests. They often achieve this by way of training militia groups to fight in proxy wars, as well as out-right political assassinations. These missions typically involve members of Mobile Task force Iota-10, who supply mission-critical intelligence in combined operations. Due to the Foundation's tumultuous history with a similarly designed MTF unit, Detachment Zero is kept to a very small group of elite and loyal members, who are vetted and re-vetted continuously. Extreme security measures are always kept in place, such as mandatory micro-chips implanted in all members, and numerous forms of collateral, should they betray the foundation. Most commonly, a family member or loved one is used for this. The necessity of Detachment Zero often remains a controversial subject amongst the 05 Council, with many wishing that it be dissolved so as not to repeat past mistakes.



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Written by Evan Muir & Alyssa Torravla, and Kendel Vendettie.

VOICE CAST: Bradley Gareth as Kyoun FairfieldFencer as Fox Wolvenreign as Pearce Skoringo as Lance Chubbs as Shinobi AnaxofRhodes as Gareth TheVolgun as Lawson StephanieSwanQuills as Bishop FairfieldFencer also as Korolenko Lofflin as Himself Evan Muir as Rolland and Extra Voices.

Honorable mentions: AliFluro Lady-Chan

Russian Subtitles: by Egor